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Ghost Recon 2: Lone Wolf, Military Technology of the Future
By | October 13, 2004

Ubisoft has released new Ghost Recon 2 information highlighting the military tools showcased in the game, based upon the same technology used by soldiers in the US Army). Check it out.

In the Lone Wolf mode of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2, the protagonist, Captain Scott Mitchell, dons gear similar to the equipment being developed for the Future Force Warrior program (the advanced infantry combat system being developed by the Natick Soldier Center for the US Army), and moves in to complete objectives solo. Future Force Warrior combines the latest in battlefield technology into one light, mobile, and lethal package, allowing a single soldier to have more firepower than ever before.

Aided by increased UAV intel, dial-in range airburst grenades, a gun camera, and precision air strikes, the player focuses the firepower of an entire infantry squad into one soldier. While there is an immense amount of destructive power at the player’s fingertips, the gameplay is still balanced, and requires the use of tactics and lots of thinking to complete the objectives. Utilizing the gear correctly makes the player a formidable force, but running in blindly will still get you killed.

Because it is set in the near future, the Ghost Recon series is known for its cutting edge military gameplay, and to keep the franchise on the top of its game, we felt it was important to model the latest innovations in infantry combat. Playing Ghost Recon 2, you will have a chance to experience the type of equipment the military is planning to deploy into the field in the near future, allowing you to dominate the modern battlefield and experience new weapons today.


The Future Force Warrior system makes every soldier a node of combat, allowing them to use lightweight, efficient gear and to amass overwhelming firepower on the enemy, while providing unprecedented situational awareness and personal protection. The system uses all of the latest polymer gear, which is lightweight, comfortable, and has a lot of really cool features that soldiers have been asking for, including seemingly simply things like a built-in float capability to keep wearers afloat if they fall in deep water.

All of the elements of the Lone Wolf gear, including the range-locked airburst grenades, gun camera to fire from behind cover, and the ability to call in air strikes, are all based on real life technology, a lot of which is being prototyped even today.


During the Lone Wolf missions, you go it alone, but one of your most powerful weapons is the ability to call in air strikes. A pair of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters are on station, waiting to put heavy ordnance on targets that you designate. However, once you call in a strike, you have to wait for the fighters to circle around for another run, so you have to time the strikes right.

The types of Lone Wolf missions range in environments, from urban, to woodland, to a rocky quarry (plus, you can unlock normal missions to go back and play in Lone Wolf mode). Of course, Lone Wolf will be a major element in multiplayer. We even have a special multiplayer mode, called “Seek and Destroy”. This pits every player on the server against each other, with one player as the Target. The Target is armed with the Lone Wolf weapon, and everyone else has normal weapons. This may sound unbalanced, but everyone knows where the Target is, and their goal is to take him or her out. We also have some really fun and beautifully built multiplayer maps that were specifically designed to take advantage of the Lone Wolf weapons.


Download the footage and check out the technology put into action!

We'll be back with additional updates on Ghost Recon 2 as they become available. Click here to read our preview.

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