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The Mushroom, Oct. 18, 2004

Capcom announces new sequel for Sunlight Worlds series

TOKYO, JAPAN – Sunlight Worlds’ PlayStation 2 sequel was announced today, tentatively titled Sunlight Worlds 2: Magnificent Moonlight. In the newest addition to Capcom’s racing/fighting/platforming hybrid series, you continue your role as Gustave the Knight in his search for fame, fortune and the love interest that mysteriously disappeared in the original.

The original Sunlight Worlds has actually yet to be announced though it’s expected that it will be released sometime in 2005 and Sunlight Worlds 2 will be released in 2007.

“We know people will be disappointed when we release Sunlight Worlds with only narrowband online play and when Sunlight Worlds: Director’s Cut won’t include the heavily advertised uncut opening movie,” said Capcom producer, Souji Nakazato, "So we’re definitely going to pull out all the stops for the sequel."

ProTip not very useful; subscriber annoyed

STILLWATER, OK – Josh Gillman eagerly tore off the shrink-wrap, and threw away the accompanying AOL disc, of his new issue of GamePro, which had a review and ProTips for Future Nightmare, a game Gillman was renting and was stuck in. Though the game got 5.0, or exploding face, ratings across the board, the ProTips were disappointing, as they were copied verbatim from a hint section in the back of Future Nightmare’s instruction manual.

Says Gillman: "I already god-damn knew that."

Website reports news about video game sequel though
it may not really be news

MONTCLAIR, NJ – American gaming website Junction Gaming reports that Treasure might reveal information regarding an unofficial sequel to Gunstar Heroes, though this news has trickled down through so many sources that it has become difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction.

Said Junction Gaming Editor-in-Chief, Zooey Truffaut: "What we’re basically dealing with here is this: We hear from website Traffic Games that another Japanese website known as Super Tokyo is reporting that its sister site, New Technical, is saying there’s a high chance that in the next issue of Famitsu there will be a hint towards a possible rumor of the unofficial unveiling of unofficial sequel to Gunstar Heroes at either TGS or E3 within the next two years."

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