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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - The Evil Syndicate
By | November 2, 2004

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.”

Okay, maybe Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is more comparable to Ray Bradbury’s book versus Shakespeare’s Macbeth, but either way you look at it the Prince will be facing a mysterious dark force armed with a legion of dangerous bad-asses.

-- Carol Quito

Ubisoft offered us an extensive breakdown highlighting the gruescome cast of characters. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within features an all-star cast of wicked creatures hell-bent on making the Prince’s life a living hell. Let's take a look...



The Island of Time was once home to several bands of feral wolves. The Empress has turned these fierce fighters to her side through the use of arcane magic, using their natural speed and strength to her advantage. She has further ‘enhanced’ the creatures by gifting them with sets of hardened spines, which they often use to impale – and immobilize – their prey. The Empress’ tinkering has rendered these creatures incredibly unstable, and so care must be taken when attacking them. Their pent up energy is likely to be released in a powerful explosion when they are close to death.

Height: 1 meter

Weight: 100 pounds

Strength: The Spike Beast utilizes a deadly charge attack - dashing towards an enemy, impaling them on its sharpened spikes.

Weakness: It magical nature makes the creature unstable and clever opponents can take advantage of the creature’s erratic behavior.

Special Attack: When they are near death, Spike Beasts can unleash the chaotic energy stored within them, resulting in a powerful, damaging explosion.

Weapon of Choice: Its spikes.


Built from the remains of hapless pirates and merchants lured to the Island of Time, Raiders are mostly cannon fodder for the Empress’ army. These simple sand creatures are not particularly dangerous on their own. They are not too intelligent either, exhibiting little in the way of strategy or cunning. However, it is rare for one to encounter a single raider as they often travel in packs. To make matters worse, they are usually accompanied by more powerful Keepers and Executioners.

Height: 1 meter 75 centimeters

Weight: 160 pounds

Strength: Raiders are capable of pulling off sophisticated synchronized attacks, encircling an opponent and striking from multiple directions at the same time. This can be a difficult attack to counter.

Weakness: Raiders are not particularly intelligent. With a little foresight, their attacks can be parried, blocked, or outright avoided.

Special Attack: Trained swordsmen, raiders are capable of pulling off a deadly THREE-HIT COMBO if an opponent is foolish enough to give them the opportunity.

Weapon of Choice: Zarich Sword.


Unlike the Keepers and Pirates who serve beneath them, Executioners suffer from neither stupidity nor insecurity. They are focused, dedicated warriors who aim solely to please the Empress of Time. These creatures should be handled with extreme caution – and dispatched with haste.

Height: 1 meter 85 centimeters

Weight: 180 pounds

Strength: The Executioner is an exceptionally skilled warrior, capable of mighty strikes and able to block most conventional attacks.

Weakness: No known weakness.

Special Attack: Executioners are so skilled they are sometimes able to penetrate an opponent’s defensive stance, rendering traditional blocking maneuvers completely useless.

Weapon of Choice: Menog Mace. (Note: This powerful mace has the ability to knock its victim to the floor, rendering them open to additional attacks).


The bladedancers are lithe, clever, and seductive – a devastating combination. Their tribal markings and dress belie their origins as women from the tribes that once populated the Island. Long since forced to serve The Empress, they now patrol the narrow walkways and crossbeams of the Palace, keeping its upper reaches secure – and free from invaders. They are extremely devious, often dancing away from opponents before letting loose with a volley of razor-sharp disc-blades. Once they’ve distracted their opponent, they’ll often vault back into the fray and cut them down in fierce melee combat.

Height: 1 meter 65 centimeters

Weight: 110 pounds

Strength: Bladedancers, as the name implies, are quite acrobatic, capable of pulling off complicated moves such as deadly flips and spins.

Weakness: Bladedancers are not very well armored and can be dispatched with a few well placed hits. Grabbing a Bladedancer will also render their acrobatic maneuvers useless.

Special Attack: These creatures can pull off deadly BACKSTAB attacks, leaping over their opponents to access more vulnerable areas.

Weapon of Choice: Yazata Disc-Blade. (Note: While this weapon does only moderate melee damage, it is capable of killing an opponent in a single blow if thrown correctly.)

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