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Dungeon Siege II: The Azunite Prophecies, Part Three
By | November 17, 2004

Sometimes, even the bravest and wise adventurers need a bit of an edge. With the arrival of Dungeon Siege II drawing closer, we’ve uncovered the third of several Azunite Prophecies. In a world of mystery and intrigue, one should be prepare for the unexpected. Have a look...

Historical note: Historical note: The following fragment from the Scrolls of the Agallan Foothills is remarkable in that it seems to predict the rise of Azunai the Defender himself. While it is possible that the character he describes could be another historical figure or even a purely mythic creation, the resemblance to later events from the actual life of Azunai is uncanny, and the reference to Zaramoth as 'the Unmaker" is unmistakable.

-- Bidelia of Aman’lu

Dispersion of power, dispersion of souls; the victory of the shield shall manifest in its shattering.

The Defender is a child, playing in solitude by the sparkling secret spring of mana. And the child shall grow to become a chieftain.

The subterranean spring is shadowed by towering peaks. The chieftain shall travel to the mountain artisans, who pour their pain into one work of delayed defiance.

As the Unmaker's shadow covers the land, a flicker of resistance shall defy the darkness. The shell of power shall grow thinnest at the fringes of an empire, where the tides shift their tribute from the central cistern of control, and swell the wave behind the shield.

And the giant's gambit shall cover the Defender, and be the unmaking of the Unmaker.

Power will be dispersed.

Stay tuned for the next prophetic message as our search continues. Dungeon Siege II is scheduled to ship in Spring 2005.

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