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Demento heading to the states as ''Haunting Ground''
A new survival horror title emerges. Details inside

by | October 5, 2004

Capcom has revealed the first details to its upcoming survival horror game Haunting Ground, bound for the PlayStation 2 next summer. Gamers may recall the game under its original Japanese title, Demento, which was recently showcased in a video snippet at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

In a unique twist, players will take control of a Fiona Belli, a physically weak, young girl unable to confront monsters directly must rely on her wits and cunning to progress throughout a castle which she has been mysteriously trapped inside. Fortunately, she meets a white sheperd dog named Hewie who has also been trapped in the castle. Capcom notes that players must diligently work on cultivating the bond between both characters which will ultimately strengthen their relationship and allow them to progress throughout the game.

According to today’s announcement, Haunting Ground will heighten the sense of fear by incorporating extra touches which can affect Fiona’s movements when "more time is spent near an enemy" and "if Fiona is not able to escape a threatening scenario, the screen become grainy, changing from black and white and eventually sending her into panic mode." The game will also feature a dynamic partnership system in which players must cultivate the bond between Fiona and Hewie. Capcom notes that Naoto Takenaka, a popular Japanese film director and actor has been brought aboard the development team to assist with the game’s cut scenes.

Check out the new announcement screens below. We’ll report back with more information as it becomes available.


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