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Hollywood talent returns for Call of Duty: Finest Hour
Hollywood and rock join the ranks of Activion's upcoming WWII shooter.

by | October 7, 2004

Today Activision revealed a marquee of star-studded talent will come aboard the eagerly anticipated WWII action-shooter Call of Duty Finest Hour. Hollywood actor Dennis Haysbert and Brian Johnson, lead singer of the popular rock band AC/DC will be lending their respective voice talents to the game. Maintaining the continuity of the series, Haysbert will play the role of the narrator while Brian Johnson will take on several key talent roles in the game.

The announcement also added that veteran writer/ producer Michael Schiffer will once again provide his screenwriting stamp with a cinematic and intense script. And finally, Michael Giacchio, who fans of the PC editions of Call of Duty may recall will return to offer yet another blockbuster, compelling soundtrack. This time, Giacchino has pulled all the stops by deploying a 80 person orchestra and 50 person choir to deliver an even greater, emotional music performance.

"Working with Dennis, Brian, Michael Schiffer and Michael Giacchino has been a truly inspired collaboration. Each brought his own valued expertise to the project, contributing in such differing ways to the depth of realism and emotion of Finest Hour's non-stop, gripping action," said Scott Langteau, producer and COO, of developer Spark Unlimited.

Call of Duty: Finest Hour is being developed by Spark Entertainment and is schedule to be released on all major platforms this Fall.

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