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Forza Motorsport rolls out on Xbox in Feb '05
Get ready for the ultimate racing driver simulator. Details and screens inside.

by | October 12, 2004

Today Microsoft revealed Forza Motorsport, the upcoming driving simulator which has hinted at giving the Gran Turismo series a run for its money, will roll out on the Xbox in February 2005. Tapping into the same style as some of the latest racing games, players can choose from a bevy of real-life production vehicles and transform them into the ultimate racing vehicle. Forza will feature a powerful physics engine including essential elements like realistic vehicular damage and an extensive customization system that will allow players to choose from a bevy of aftermarket parts from more than 150 partners.

Racing junkies can also look forward to racing against other human rivals via the Xbox Live online service which the announcements notes will offer a long list of online racing features including leaderboards, a real-time ranking system, multiplayer modes and downloadable content. Microsoft has boldly declared Forza Motorsport will be the deepest racing simulation ever offered.

"Forza Motorsport is a title we are getting amazing feedback on from people who are really passionate about the world of cars and auto racing," said Shane Kim, General Manager, Microsoft Game Studios. "The ability to customize your cars, the amazingly realistic physics and of course the ability to experience all of this online is quickly making this the one ‘must have’ racing sim."

Check out some of the latest screens below and stay tuned for new details as they become available.


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