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Under the Skin ships to retail
Look out -- aliens are invading our planet to cause mischief and pandemonium.

by | October 11, 2004

Capcom today announced the release of Under the Skin, a new compelling action game in which players take control of an alien, named Cosmi, fixated on pranks and creating havoc on our home planet.

In Under the Skin, players must cause as much chaos and panic as possible by taking on the identity of the various people he or she encounters throughout CoCo Town and other cel-shaded environments. Equipped with a special ray gun, gamers can scan and capture human DNA of anyone they target. With this genetic material, Cosmi can transform into the personas he’s zapped, acquiring an inventory of mischief-making items each ‘scan’ possesses. For example while in human form, sing a song only dogs could appreciate or unleash a school of sharks, causing those nearby to drop coins that must be collected. Complete the arduous tests on earth as these tasks are what Cosmi and his enemies are being judged on in order to return home. But beware; causing such disruption puts Cosmi in danger of being caught and having his true alien identity revealed.

Players can enjoy the action alone or go head-to-head against a friend via the 2 Player Vs. Mode. Under the Skin is a loaded with whimsical appeal that will elicit plenty of laugh encounters. Using Cosmi’s special ray gun allows him to absorb human personas and pull of a variety of highjinx on unsuspecting humans including transforming humans into bowling pins and sending them flying in the air by throwing bowling pins after them. Players can enjoy the action alone or go head-to-head with a friend and compete to create the ultimate havoc.

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