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Official CPL World Tour Tournament Game Announced
And it's name is Painkiller.

by | October 18, 2004

DreamCatcher Games and The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) announced today that its critically acclaimed title, Painkiller will be the exclusive tournament game for the upcoming CPL World Tour event.

The CPL World Tour will commence late February 2005 and will travel to ten cities across the globe. The tour will offer a US $ 1,000,000 cash purse, the largest cash prize ever for a computer game tournament. Over 10,000 gamers are expected to participate in the qualifiers, stops and finals.

On a related note, the announcement revealed an expansion pack, Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell, is currently in development and will be released in the UK on November 26th

More information about Painkiller can be found at the official Painkiller website.

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