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Sparx opens new office in LA
Europe's finest animation studio sets up a cost effective resource in the heart of the West Coast.

by | October 19, 2004

Sparx, an award-winning French animation and digital effects company is expanding its operations, according to an announcement from its new CEO, Jean-Phillipe Agati. The Los Angeles office will be managed, by Laddie Ervin, Sparx’ new vice president of business development for North America.

Over the years, Sparx has built a remarkable business reputation, “providing world class, cost effective digital animation and visual effects services,” said Sparx Chief Executive Officer, Jean-Philippe Agati. “The time is right to expand our operations to the U.S. and to offer our creative talent and expertise to Hollywood. With the company’s studios in Paris and Vietnam, Sparx can offer high end animation and visual effects services at very attractive prices.”

New Sparx CEO Jean-Philippe Agati, brings to the company 20 years of international executive management experience specifically in the area of entertainment technology. Agati was the general manager of Europe’s largest interactive entertainment company, Infogrames SA, and most recently served as the head of production for video game maker, Atari’s office in Santa Monica. Agati directly managed many top entertainment franchises including “The Matrix,” “Unreal,” “Dungeons & Dragons,” The Terminator,” and “Godzilla.”

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