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Xbox excels in Europe
Microsoft's console gains in market share, ultimately increasing the Xbox Live userbase.

by | October 22, 2004

Microsoft today announced that the Xbox is enjoying a successfully strong streak of sales in Europe over the past few weeks. According to the announcement, the Xbox achieved a market share of 53% amongst other existing consoles, bringing it up 49% from the previous week, and ultimately gaining similar performances across the rest of Europe.

Much of the system’s success is attributed to the wealth of bundles, as well as the forthcoming lineup of entertaining titles planned for the holiday season. Further, the massively popularity of its online gaming service, Xbox Live has also played an vital part in the purchasing decision for new consumers.

"This is fantastic news for Xbox – demonstrating its ever-strengthening position in the video game console market," said Michel Cassius, senior director, Xbox Platform and Marketing. "We have some fantastic games on the way – the innovative Fable, the debut of Electronic Arts' games on Xbox Live such as EA SPORTSTM FIFA® Football 2005, Pro Evolution Soccer 4 – also on Xbox Live - and of course the hottest game this Christmas on any platform, Halo 2. Any gamer confused about which console to buy this Christmas should get to the stores quickly".

Xbox continues to go from strength to strength, with cumulative worldwide shipments of 15.5 million consoles since launch and a worldwide shipment goal of more than 20 million units by the end of June 2005. The groundbreaking Xbox Live service is expected to expand to an excess of 1.5 million members by the end of June 2005, representing 50%+ growth.

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