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Halo 2 XBL Starter Kit arrives in Europe next month
And that deal is coming over here too...right, Microsoft? RIGHT???

by | October 22, 2004

A new Halo 2 Xbox Live Starter Kit will be released next month on November 11 in the UK, announced today by

The limited edition Halo 2 Xbox Live Starter kit contains a full copy of Halo 2, an Xbox Live Voice Communicator and twelve months subscription to Xbox Live.

"Halo 2 is the most highly expected game this Christmas and this offer gives all gamers a great way to experience the best game on-line on Xbox Live" said Richard Teversham, Director of Xbox Product Marketing, EMEA. "It is a fantastic offer for gamers throughout Europe – the most talked-about Xbox game of 2004 and the best gaming experience available at the best value".

Hopefully, the North Amercian arm of the Xbox division will introduce something similar here.

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