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Datel announces Ultimate Cheats for GTA: San Andreas
Who says cheaters never prosper?

by | October 27, 2004

Gamers who can't wait to find an extra edge in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be delighted to know that Datel has created the definitive cheating tool, announced today.

Ultimate Cheats for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the first Ultimate Cheats disc to be updateable! As well as coming packed with loads of powerful, ready-to-run cheat codes, giving you everything you need to unlock your game's biggest secrets quickly and easily, this stand-alone disc also lets you add new codes as they're created by Datel's dedicated code-hunting crew.

Using Ultimate Cheats, you can activate 100% unofficial codes that let you do things that even the game's programmers never anticipated. Simply select the cheat codes you need from the on-screen menu, then load up your game disc and take control of the action. Powered by Action Replay MAX, the world's most powerful cheat code system, this stand-alone disc is loaded with all the codes and enhancements you need to unleash the power and get the most out of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Even after Ultimate Cheats for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is released, Datel's code-hunting gurus will be creating more fantastic cheats, and you can grab them from Simply enter them into your PS2 using your game controller or Powerboard USB keyboard. You can save your new San Andreas codes to any PS2 memory card, allowing you to access them quickly and easily in the future. It's the first of Datel's single-game cheats disc to offer this feature, but rest assured it won't be the last!

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