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Go for broke -- Final Update on JPN SF Anniversary Collection (Xbox)
Finally, the definitive answer to our dreams.

by | October 29, 2004

This week has rocked our nerves harder than Hugo's Gigas Braker. Originally, we reported that the Japanese edition of Street Fighter Anniversary Collection was universally compatible on North American Xbox units. The following day lead to an entirely different tune, (which we later discovered today was in fact, dated information before the game was officially available). Despite conflicting reports, we decided to go with our instincts and uncover the truth for ourselves.

So the question is...does it work or not?

You bet...we recently ordered a copy of the game and tested it on a retail Xbox unit. As originally expressed by our sources, fans can purchase the disc sans Xbox modifications. Naturally, the game also works on Xbox Live, which we briefly tested and successfully enjoyed a few matches with minimal difficulty. As we anticipated, there were a few traces of lag during online play. Thankfully, it's not to the atrocious degree that plagues SVC Chaos or Guitly Gear X2 #Reload.

And there you have it, we'll be back with a full hands-on review next month. If you're planning to pick up a copy, we'd recommend doing so with great haste; rumors are popping up that a recall has been issued for the "W-Code" based copies, currently being sold by and NCS.

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