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Dress up Alien Hominid for Halloween
O~3 Entertainment offers its own special brand of "trick or treat" fun, including a cool Flash game. Details inside.

by | October 29, 2004

Just in time for the Halloween, O~3 Entertainment released a batch of new screens featuring Alien Hominid playing dress-up. Well, mostly hats. We've offerered you a small glimpse of the head toppings which can be unlocked in the full version of the game. Plus, we've also got a cool Alien Hominid Costume Game, allowing you to dress up Alien Hominid or the Fat Kids with an bevy of different costumes and accessories. Check out our media gallery for the new screenshots.

Please note, this game is a Flash file and needs to be viewed with a browser that can handle Flash and may need to be associated with that browser manually. Click here to download and play it.

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