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Huge demand for Seek and Destroy
Anyone want to fetch us a copy?

by | October 29, 2004

Conspiracy Entertainment today announced it has received strong reorders for their highly successful Seek and Destroy title, developed by Japanese developer Takara. With its recent reorders the title has surpassed the one quarter of a million units sold mark and has become the company's biggest seller on the Sony Playstation 2 platform.

"Seek and Destroy has proven to be a great title for the company," says Conspiracy CEO Sirus Ahmadi. "With great graphics and hours of game play it is no wonder the reorders continue."

In Seek and Destroy, players have full control over 100 tanks, all based on actual military models from around the world. Players embark on 25 intense missions taking them from the frozen plains of Eastern Europe to the deserts of Africa. Players can choose either 1 Player or 2 Player modes (head to head or co-op).

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