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Resident Evil 4 announced for PS2
Sell your GameCubes, it's all over?

by | November 1, 2004

Capcom Japan has announced today that Resident Evil 4 will no longer be exclusive to the GameCube, but will see a release on the PlayStation 2. While the GameCube will see the game in January, PS2 owners will have to wait a while longer, with an estimated release date of "end of 2005". Expect the game to slip into 2006 though.

Despite the fact that the PS2 version is over a year away, the port has been announced before the GameCube version has been released, which will no doubt affect sales of the GC version. Many games may choose to wait and see if the PS2 rev will include any extra features before commiting themselves.

Once part of the Capcom 5 (Viewtiful Joe, Dead Phoenix, Killer 7, PN03, Resident Evil 4) that was meant to be exclusive to the GameCube, the latest installment of the series recently wowed gamers at the Tokyo Game Show. We'll have more information as it develops.

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