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Kutaragi comments on PSP battery usage
Sony president hints at the possiblity of reduced battery consumption.

by | November 2, 2004

It's difficult to be optimistic about the PSP, given the fact Sony's recent statements regarding the battery life leaves more to be desired. Sony president Ken Kutaragi presented a few new comments to the Japanese press, which ultimately is bound to create even more mixed emotions amongst potential consumers.

¬ďA puzzle game will last longer, but Ridge Racer will probably be shorter than that," says Kutaragi, who finally admitted to a common suspsicion that's lingered for some time -- users playing specific games for prolonged periods under specific conditions; thus Sony's previous claim that the PSP can operate within four to six hours could be disregarded.

Kutaragi added, "In the future, we'd like a single charge to last for a flight between Narita and New York," which suggests that the PSP could possibly incorporate an enhanced power cell to rectify the massive battery usage.

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