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Technic Beat ships to retail
Colorful, wacky, and loud. Sounds like our type of game.

by | November 2, 2004

Music rhythm gurus should take note that Mastiff has shipped Technic Beat for the PS2 to retailers. Developed by Arika and featuring tunes from some of Namco's most popular games, Technic Beat allows players to actually create, alter and dance on screen to their own music. The game will be available at a special low price of $14.99...what a bargain!

In Technic Beat, players listen to music represented in the game by radiating concentric rings of sound. Picking up the beat, they dance into the middle of the rings and try to "catch" the music. If successful, they achieve the power to manipulate the sound rings and create entirely new music. As players progress and gain skill they are rewarded with spectacular visual displays, bonuses, and power ups.

Technic Beat features include:

  • Arcade mode - use the Tension Meter to measure your performance. Push it up and you're on to the next round!
  • Free mode - choose the songs you want to play. Save and replay your performances, and control the camera and music.
  • Challenge mode - choose the difficulty level and let the game pick your test!
  • Sudden death - Can you play all the songs in order without a single mistake?
  • Supports one or two players playing cooperatively or competitively.

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