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Rainbow Six Assault Pack #1 Now Available
Ubisoft unleashes several new maps to enjoy download and enjoy. Find out more inside.

by | November 2, 2004

Load your weapons and ready your grenades – four new maps for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow are now available for download via Xbox Live. Now fans will have even more reason to spend time online hooking up with friends and saving the world.

Ubisoft has already released one map, Village, free of charge; the new four-map package (Assault Pack #1) will cost only $5.00 – a pittance for four intense levels packed with fast-paced close-quarter action, and hours of replayability. The assault pack levels are Killhouse, Winter Lodge, Petroleum and Office2 – get them all today!

Here's a breakdown of the new downloadable content:

VILLAGE (Free of Charge)

  • Location: Levanto, Italia
  • Village is a small, intense map ideal for teams of five or less. Two open areas filled with cover are surrounded by small houses which can be used to change section. Plenty of strong spots to defend, but be sure to work in team since each spot has its counter...



  • Location: Hereford, England
  • This is a small MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) training facility, designed for quick, in-your-face SWAT action, tight choke points and great cross-map sniper action from window to window. Climbable boxes and underpasses to avoid conflicts add to the crazy yet tactical situation. If you’re a fan of rushing or tactical team work, this map’s got what you want.


  • Location: Hudson Bay, Canada
  • Located in Canada (where there’s plenty of snow, of course), this map is based around a spooky old abandoned lodge surrounded by graveyard and forest. Indoor and out, this map provides great team-based action as well as some sweet sharpshooter matches. This a medium sized map designed for flow, cover and stalking action.


    • Location: Apha, Saudi Arabia
    • Based off an oil transport depot dug into the cliffs of a Saudi Mountain. With the long line of sight of the train tracks and the bubbling vat in the oil storage hanger, this map provides good sniping and close quarter battles for team warfare. With multiple routes and lots of cover, this medium-sized map provides great clan action as well as smaller match support, a must for any type of player.


    • Location: Montreal, Canada
    • Office2 is a medium-sized map separated into three floors. The map is all indoors, and players can expect a lot of close combat. Make sure that you are always watching your blind spots.

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