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New N-Gage Holiday schedule
Nokia's hybrid handheld picks up some popular franchises guaranteed to pique the interest for the wireless gaming community.

by | November 2, 2004

Recent N-Gage product announcements led to some confusion since users were wondering why they were unable to find the latest releases in stores. Steven Knuff, Media Relations for N-Gage helped to clear up a few things, indicating that the announcements "global releases" and the titles have not begun shipping to the U.S. just yet. We also received an brief holiday calender highlighting some other highly anticipated titles for the N-Gage comprised of the following:

Colin McRae Rally 2005 -The ultimate rally game legend! In stores next week.

FIFA Soccer 2005 - The complete soccer experience! More players, teams and leagues than ever before. In stores next week.

Call of Duty -The course of WWII was shaped by unsung heroes. Time for you to join the call! In stores the week of the 15th.

Pathway to Glory - Experience the power of mobile MMO gaming with the 20th century's greatest story! In stores 11/23.

The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey - A vast adventure with astonishing graphics awaits you in this N-Gage only mobile RPG. Just went GOLD!

Pocket Kingdom: Own The World - Massively multiplayer! Do you have what it takes to Own the World? In stores 12/7.

The N-Gage library certainly look a lot more appealing than its previous lineup released last year. Look forward to upcoming coverage in the weeks ahead.

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