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Massive content upgrade for Soldiers: Heroes of World War II
New maps, units, multiplayer modes & more. All in one convenient download.

by | November 4, 2004

Codemasters announced today the availability of a massive content upgrade for Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, the company’s groundbreaking real time strategy game.

Included in the download are:

  • New team-based multiplayer modes including Assault, Battle Zones and Escort.
  • 12 new multiplayer combat maps.
  • New units for Allied, Russian and German troops.
  • And a host of technical and game play enhancements.

The three new team-based multiplayer modes seems to be the cream of the crop. In Assault one team must hold an area, create sniping points, lay mines and other defensives while the opposing team infiltrates and eliminates the opposition.

In Battle Zones, the team objective is to capture strategically placed flag zones to rack up points, which contribute to a final winning total. However, the zones can be retaken, so players must weigh the benefits of defending a few zones or trying to take them all over at once.

Alternatively, players can try safeguarding a convoy of trucks in the Escort multiplayer mode. The defending team, armed with infantry and vehicles, must attempt to get its trucks from one side of the map to the other. However, the attacking team, which only has access to infantry units, is tasked with stopping the defenders using a host of sneaky ambush tactics, such as sniping placements, mine laying and setting up machine guns at choke points.

Soldiers is currently available exclusively for PC/CD-ROM. For more information and to access the free content upgrade download, head on over to the official site.

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