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Ubisoft gears up for a triple dose of DS fun.
Ubisoft gears up to release a racy, sexy, and adventure-filled threesome for Nintendo's upcoming dual-screen handheld.

by | November 5, 2004

Ubisoft released the first details to its upcoming menage-a-troi of Nintendo DS titles planned to coincide during the week of the upcoming launch. As of November 23, DS gamers can look forward to playing Asphalt Urban GT, one of five launch titles Ubisoft noted will be available on store shelves.

Avid fans of the limbless wonder, Rayman can look forward to his arrival on the Nintendo DS. Rayman DS promises to offer gamers a similar performance of its predecessor, Rayman Advance which was among one of the top-selling launch titles for the GBA in 2001.

Ubisoft will also be releasing Sprung, a game which is looking to create an entirely new genre for portable gaming by putting players in the middle of an engaging, risqué and daring adventure with sexy singles at a hip ski resort. The dating simulation, or “stimulation,” title features gender-specific adventures, entertaining dating missions and a hilarious script written by North Shore (FOX) writer Colleen McGuiness. Based on the title's namesake alone, we don't imagine too many parents planning to make this one of the holiday stocking stuffers for the younger gamers.

“We’re thrilled to bring three genre-leading titles to the Nintendo DS that each reach a very different, yet broad, audience,” said Tony Kee, vice president of marketing, Ubisoft. “The Nintendo DS is an innovative and unique portable videogame system. We’re excited to match that level of creativity and provide an all-new experience with our titles, especially Sprung.”

Check out the box art images below, and stay tuned for upcoming highlights as they become available.


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