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Europeans love Guild Wars
NCsoft's newest MMO gains a significant European presence at its world preview event.

by | November 5, 2004

Following on from the announcement made just yesterday that the Guild Wars World Preview Event was a roaring success, a breakdown by developer ArenaNet has revealed that 20% of the 400,000 people who took part did so from the comfort of their European homes. NCsoft Europe has acknowledged that this is a significant statistic, bearing in mind the relative immaturity of the European MMO market.

Geoff Heath, CEO of NCsoft Europe, said: "This bodes well for the release of Guild Wars next year. With increased broadband penetration throughout Europe and the instant playability of the Guild Wars product, we believe that we have the potential to convert a new gaming audience to the MMO concept."

"This is excellent news, both for us and for the gamers involved," says Jeff Strain, Guild Wars producer and ArenaNet co-founder. "We designed Guild Wars to be as inclusive and accessible as possible, and support from such a wide range of nationalities shows that we have largely succeeded."

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