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Pocket Kingdom Media Sneak Peek
Developer selects 100 popular game sites to check out the first N-Gage MMO title.

by | November 8, 2004 announced today that it has shipped out one hundred N-Gage QD game decks to the North American region since October 29th as part of the exclusive Pocket Kingdom Sneak Peek event, placing the platform in the forefront of the wireless massively multiplayer promotion event gaming world. Combining a pocketable gaming platform with online player killing potential, the N-Gage QD and Pocket Kingdom combination gives gamers a unique chance to experience mobile multiplayer 0wnage in a revolutionary way.

"As the N-Gage's first massively multiplayer game, Pocket Kingdom: Own The World showcases the power of both the N-Gage platform and the N-Gage Arena," said Gerard Wiener, Director, Network Game Solutions, Nokia.

The Pocket Kingdom Sneak Peek is an invitation-only tournament between a variety of community leaders, and a few contest winners, all set upon each other like rabid attack kittens. At the end of the three-week event, the current victor will receive ownership of, in recognition of their 0wning the w0rld. The list includes a variety of popular pro and game enthusiasts sites includes RPG Fan, Gamespy, TechTV, The Syndicate, and IGN RPG Vault.

"w3 r proud 2 give all th3s3 gam3z 2 evry1 so they can xperi3nce teh 0wnage of PK. Thx 2 all tha gamerz 4 ur support and w3 r conf1dent that u will 0wn the w0rld," said Cypher, Chief Impressive Title for "The3re r st1ll spotz 4 a few more ppl to w1n, so come 2 r site 2 ent3r."

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