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Calling all spies, vote for co-op gear in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
Here's your chance to help decide on the type of co-op gear to appear in the newest Splinter Cell installment.

by | November 10, 2004

Ubisoft is offering gamers the chance to excercise their voting power to choose the type of gear for two categories in the upcoming Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. The selected winning entries will appear in the final retail version.

Visit Splinter Cell Co-Op Detect Login page. Don't wait until the last minute - the last day you can vote is November 22, 2004. The selected models will be announced on November 24 on official Splinter Cell website.

Important reminders: You’ll need to be a registered user to participate (don't worry, it’s free), and the poll appears in a pop-up window, so you’ll need to disable any pop-up blockers to participate.

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