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Halo 2 Contest Winner Revealed
And the lucky winner is...

by | November 11, 2004

On November 9, just at the stroke of midnight, GotNext announced its latest promotional contest in which (1) lucky winner would have a chance to win one of the most anticipated action-filled games of the year...

Barbie's Big Adventure.

Actually, we had a tough time getting ahold of that game, and Halo 2 seemed like the next best thing gamers would enjoy this holiday season. And to sweeten the deal a bit further, we went all out and decided to offer the Halo 2 Limited Collector's Edition, featuring behind-the-scene footage, bloopers, and a kickass DVD tin case. We received an exceptional number of entries, many of which actually answered the questions correctly.

Here are the answers to the 3 Halo 2 trivia questions.

1. During hard cornering maneuvers, what is the Warthog prone to?

The Warthog is still prone to rollovers while hard cornering.

2. With the Covenant's increased A.I., troops now make full use of destructible environments, and blow away defensive cover sheltering UNSC forces. Briefly describe the safety tip to put the Covenant forces at a disadvantage.

Use darkness and shadows to your advantage when facing Covenant troops because their upgraded A.I. puts them at the same disadvantages as human forces in low-light conditions.

3. True or False: The Phantom needs to come to a full stop before disorging Covenant troops.

False. The Phantom doesn't need to come to a full stop before disgorging its lethal Covenant cargo.

"Look, all I want to know is...did I win or NOT?"

Ok, I suppose that's all that's really important. *picks up envelope* GotNext is pleased to announce our Halo 2 Got Next Giveaway Winner is...

Byung Kim!

Congrulations, you copy of Halo 2 will be with you soon, where millions of FPS addicts look forward to treating you to endless hours of frag insanity.

Thanks again to all of our participants. We'll be back with additional promotions which will be eligible specifically for our forum members. Take a second to sign up (don't worry, it's free). We're looking forward to giving away more prizes in the near future!

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