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EA establishes joint venture with Cherry Lane Music
And with their powers combined, they form Next Level Music.

by | November 16, 2004

Electronic Arts and Cherry Lane Music Publishing announced that they've teamed up to create Next Level Music LLC, a new music publishing company announced that the two companies have teamed up to create will sign established as well as emerging new artists, acquire publishing catalogs, produce original music and further develop EA's rich catalogue of music.

EA will promote the music through its games while Cherry Lane Music Publishing will administer the compositions and master recordings worldwide. Under the exclusive co-publishing partnership, the company will also license EA's existing music assets to commercials, films, film trailers, ring-tones and other commercial media.

While EA will continue to license music through EA TRAX, the creation of Next Level Music is a ground-breaking first in the games business. Next Level Music's role will be analogous to that of the major music publishing companies founded by the great motion picture studios during the last century.

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