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SCEE Announces EyeToy: Kinetic
Nike and Sony Team up to introduce a new interactive application using the EyeToy technology.

by | November 17, 2004

If you thought EyeToy's previous installments were exhausting, Sony's newest edition might have you running for the towel and a bottle of water. Today SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) revealed EyeToy: Kinetic, an innovative interactive program developed in conjunction with Nike Motionworks, scheduled for release in early 2005. Looking for a new way to work out? Read on for more details...

EyeToy: Kinetic takes the art of physical workouts to the next level. The interactive program allows players to improve their general fitness, reactions, posture, balance, breathing as well as their all-around body tone and conditioning.

In the early stages of development, the Nike Motionworks team of fitness training experts played a key role, providing information about the key exercises and movements to be included in the game and also aiding in the development of the warm-up, stretching and toning sequences.

The Nike Motionworks also contributed greatly to the creation of EyeToy: Kinetic's Personal Trainer Mode, aiding in the structure and sequence of the exercise routines, and offering insight into the validity and health value of the movements within the routines.

EyeToy: Kinetic offers a wide variety of fitness activities that far exceeds the traditional 'home workout video'. The EyeToy camera, with the addition of a newly developed Wide Angled Lens that attaches to the front of the camera, allows for increased levels of interactivity projecting the exerciser's image onto the television screen, enabling them to physically interact with their environments.

With four areas of discipline to choose from, EyeToy: Kinetic offers a wide variety of exercises for players to choose from. Aero Motion and Combat zones help to increase the player's overall fitness level, inspired by moves and stances from activities such as Tai Kwon Do, Modern Dance, Kick Boxing, Aerobics and Karate. The Mind and Body zone focuses on breathing, concentration and flexibility, taking inspirations from Yoga and Tai Chi, leaving players feeling relaxed, yet with their body fully conditioned. The Toning zone helps the player to tone specific muscle groups utilising slow and refined movements.

Offering a tailor-made fitness regime that encourages and motivates players to develop, improve and commit themselves to exercising, EyeToy: Kinetic is easily adaptable to fit in within a busy lifestyle, whatever the person's fitness level.

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