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Halo 2 ''Behind the Scenes'' DVD Highlights
Learn the saga behind creating the most highly anticipated video game ever released.

by | November 17, 2004

With opening day sales in excess of $125 million, Halo 2 is already breaking industry records. It beat out even Pixar's "The Incredibles" first day revenues of $71 million, and Halo 2 promises to surpass even the sales of its predecessor, Halo: Combat Evolved. But this time, the game is only half the story. Halo 2 comes complete with a Limited Collector's Edition DVD -- a combined effort of Bungie, Microsoft, and Los Angeles-based production company FilmOasis. This ultimate companion DVD -- the story behind the game -- marks the first time a bonus DVD of this kind has ever been attempted in the games industry. Taking its cue from other limited editions, such as Lord of the Rings,this compilation is just one more example of how Hollywood and the game industry are converging.

FilmOasis created the concept and design of the Limited Collector's Edition companion DVD. The company approached Microsoft's Bungie Studios with the idea, and the studio ran with it. Nearly 36 months in the making, the Halo 2 Limited Collector's Edition DVD offers gamers a rare glimpse inside one of America's most exciting game developers. This DVD takes viewers behind the scenes with never-before-seen footage of Bungie Studios during the creation of Halo 2.

"This looks like it may be one of the best-selling video games in history. I was blown away watching the Bungie team trying to cope with all the pressure -- 'when is the game coming out; how can you top Halo?' The pressure was intense," said producer/director James McQuillan, FilmOasis. "The Bungie team was living through these tremendous ups and downs -- and we were there to watch and capture it all. Bungie is an incredibly private studio, and we were the very first to get inside their doors."

Now for the very first time, millions of Xbox users can see exactly how this groundbreaking game was put together. Featuring more than 100 minutes of brand-new, exclusive material, this DVD includes a "making of" documentary, developer commentaries, game design featurettes, art gallery, gameographies and much more.

FilmOasis cameras follow the notoriously secretive team as they scramble through the development phases -- from character sketches and animation to the cinematic splendor of the announcement trailer. FilmOasis was there for the tension and the excitement as they crammed every last ounce of energy for E3 2003. They were there for the creative battles as each phase of the game (levels, missions and story) took shape. They were there for the all-nighters and technical struggles that lasted right up to the last minute. Fans will be especially intrigued to see the characters and the weapons that never made it into the final game -- entire levels that got left behind, missions no one would ever see -- until now...

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