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EB to sell Nintendo DS early
Perfect for gamers who've pre-ordered the game and can't wait another day...

by | November 19, 2004

EB Games has announced that it will be the first national retailer to sell the highly anticipated Nintendo DS at midnight on Saturday, November 20.

"Anticipation for the Nintendo DS system has been at an all time high," said Carol Beck, vice president of merchandising for EB Games, the leading specialty retailer of interactive entertainment products and the premiere gaming retailer for game consumers of all ages. "Nintendo DS promises to be one of the most advanced and innovative platforms ever developed. The system delivers a completely new experience for serious and more mature fans who crave the sophistication of 3D rendered graphics and the best real-time, multiplayer game play on the market. With pre-orders already exceeding our expectations, we know that we have a winner on our hands."

Gamers in the Los Angeles area can look forward to an extravagant Nintendo DS festival at the Universal CityWalk store, considered by diehard gamers to be the interactive "hub" of the West Coast. EB predicts the event will attract the core of the dedicated game fan community that has long awaited the release of this landmark system. Pre-order customers and fans, expected to attend in the hundreds in anticipation of the midnight launch, will be able to enjoy the spirit of the local video game community and mix with peers and mutual fans. The EB Games event will feature live DJ music, spun by local artist "DJ Rap," prize giveaways, and live Astrovision game play on the giant screens above the EB Games store.

Since we've been highlighting the DS features for quite awhile now, feel free to check out our existing coverage at the following links below. And stay tuned for another dose of DS coverage later this evening.

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