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EQ Online Adventures to have special event on Thanksgiving
After you've had your stomachs filled with turkey, log online for some digital stuffing.

by | November 23, 2004

SOE wanted us to share this exciting announcement that EverQuest Online Adventures will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with a special in-game event. For more details and lore, read on...

The town of Stormhaven and the Chiktar and Slith Tar hives are the next areas that adventurers will be needed to assist in fighting the famine. Evil eye dominators have been spotted around these areas every few hours when their regenerative powers are the strongest, commanding the now enslaved chiktar and slith tar races to begin an all out assault on Tunaria.

The good news is that some folks from the Anagogical Society in Qeynos and The Seekers in Forkwatch have sent out representatives to investigate a way to weaken the powers of these evil eyes, but they will need the help of adventurers of all levels. You can assist by slaying the armies of insects at large, collecting components to break the enchantments, or taking down the dominators themselves. Those who answer this call for help can find themselves rewarded with experience, coin, and other powerful trinkets.


The evil eye dominators that were controlling the Slith Tar and the Chiktar race, and influencing them to spread famine and pestilence to the lands of Tunaria, have shown their faces and are ready to launch their all out campaign. Xyllis has been sighted in the south western region of Stormhaven, one of the last areas still largely unaffected by the famine. Zinx and Ryzlix have been spotted in the home areas of the insects.

The farmers have called upon the assistance of the Anagogical Society in Qeynos, and The Seekers in Forkwatch. These two organizations have sent representatives to explore the areas in question and perhaps find a way to stop them. When the time of conflict comes, assistance from many brave adventurers will be needed.

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