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  Game Boy Advance
  Release Date:
  December 6, 2004



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Mario Party Advance

Game Description: It's a portable party on your Game Boy Advance! Mario Party Advance takes all the fun of the home console game and puts it in your hands. All-new mini-games and a host of Professor E. Gadd's incredible Gaddgets -- unique trinkets, toys, detectors and tricks like the Lip Disguise-o-matic that let you play tricks on your friends, test your compatibility and much more.


  • Discover the 60 mini-games as you play through the single-player game boards. Earn coins as you play the mini-games, and use those coins to unlock Gaddgets you can use with your friends.
  • Use your Gaddgets to take the game into the real world. Place your finger on the Finger X-Ray to see what's hidden inside, or use the Compatibility Meter to see how well you and your friends match up.
  • Link up with your friends and duke it out in a two-player battle game, or trade Gaddgets, mini-games and coins to share the party fun.

Game Storyline: Mario Party Advance comes to the Game Boy Advance, making this game the perfect portable party! Play single player to collect 60 mini-games hidden in each board map in Adventure mode. Once you've found them, you can play these mini-games whenever you want. You can also battle against the Koopa Kids or link up with a friend to test your skills in one of the two-player battle mini-games. The coins you earn in the mini-games can buy you Professor E. Gadd's wonderful Gaddgets, unique trinkets like the Finger X-Ray, the intriguing Lip Disguise-o-matic and much more, including a variety of detectors, compatibility meters and other strange and fascinating devices.

Characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, the Koopa Kids, Professor E. Gadd and more.

How to progress through the game: Play through the Board Maps in Adventure mode to discover more mini-games, which can be played at any time after they've been found.

Special powers/weapons/moves/features: Link up with friends to play the multiplayer battle games and trade mini-games, Gaddgets and coins. Improved focus on the single-player party-game experience.

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