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  PlayStation 2
  Release Date:
  October 2004
  Rating Pending



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Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed

Following the success of the Ape Escape 2, Ubisoft today announced a new brand new addition in the works for the PS2 called Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed.

In a brand new twist to the series, Pumped & Primed sets players on a fast paced marathon across two action-packed modes. Familiar characters include Spike and Natalie, Specter, and an all-star lineup from the original Ape Escape games.


  • Two Game Modes: Play with up to two players in Story mode, consisting of 44 competing levels and eight boss battles, or Versus mode with 21 pre-made tournaments for up to four players. Additionally, players can create their own tournaments from the 28 stages in story mode.
  • A Mix of Classic and New Characters from Ape Escape: Play original characters such as Natalie, Spike, the Professor or Jake. New characters include Pipotron, Helga and a mysterious new boss.
  • Beat the Competition with a Wide Selection of Gadgets: Each character will have their own set of unique gadgets, including the Stunclub, Dragonfly, Slingshot, RC Car, Dash Hoop and WaterMech.
  • Unlockable Content: Endless variety with unlockable airplanes and color schemes.
  • More than 400 Unlockable Items: Special gadgets, clothes, fan emails, special summon abilities and movies.

Sounds like this package is shaping up to be the ultimate Ape Escape game to date. Feast on the available screens and stay tuned for new updates as they become available.

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