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  Ignition Entertainment
  Awesome Games
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Ignition Entertainment revealed the first details to its upcoming launch title developed by industry icon Archer Maclean and his team at Awesome Studios. Mercury is a refreshingly unique game with roots in many genres. Mercury provides an addictive challenge through its simple gaming mechanic. Players "tilt" each level to maneuver the blobs of mercury, with various switches, platforms, obstacles, and hazards standing between level goals.

While the controls are simple, the game itself is extremely addictive. Puzzle elements include splitting the mercury into several colored component parts, each affected by the degree of tilt, in order to open gates and activate switches. The maze-like environments require lateral thinking in order to navigate the mercury from start to finish. The sprawling 3D levels require clever, yet 'hit-yourself-when-you-work-it-out' solutions.

The game is powered by a sophisticated engine that calculates every gloopy part of the liquid metal as it bends and melds around everything in its path. As the digitized mercury smoothly ebbs and flows under such simple controls, players experience the purest form of gaming. Based on the written description, we can only imagine how impressive this must be in motion and look forward to gameplay videos in the near future.

Hm, based on the first batch of screens - color us impressed. Ignitition plans to develop other versions as well. We'll keep you posted.

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