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The Mushroom

Pre-teen Victor Ireland would often stay after class to finish tests


REDDING, CA – In one interview segment recorded for the upcoming Working Designs documentary, retired schoolmarm Allyson Hayne recalls many odd moments regarding Working Designs’ CEO Victor Ireland, who was eight years old and in the 3rd grade when she taught at Shasta Union Elementary.

Though he would stay well after school hours to finish tests, rare were the times when he would actually attempt to answer the questions correctly. Instead, he would usually flip the paper over and draw fantasy characters, or ornament the paper with bright crayon colors.

“He would just sit for hours and hours, far past the deadline,” said Hayne, “I knew he wasn’t working on correcting the questions he knew were wrong, but he just looked so pleased and content, I couldn’t bear to interrupt him.”

Looking over one test she had kept all these years, she points out that underneath where Ireland answered that John Carpenter was the first President of the United States, he drew preliminary plans for world domination.

Yorda steps on big rock


QUEEN’S CASTLE – As she attempted to flee from a castle she was held captive in, prisoner Yorda stepped on a large rock the size of her fist, forcing her to sit down to mend her foot. The rock, one of few in an abnormally clean castle, was believed to have been kicked there by a shadow minion several decades ago.

“I can’t believe it,” said her rescuer, Ico, sitting several feet away, drawing circles in the dirt, “Of all the places to step, she just had to step on the floor tile that has a big rock on it.”

Said Yorda: “Abq oink zdddd.” (Translation: “My foot hurts. Please stop complaining. I want to chase a bird.”)

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