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Sound Off: Fable

By now, everyone that's a living, avid gamer has picked up their copy of Fable, the highly anticipated role-playing adventure game from Peter Molyneux. For months, the game has captured the interests throughout the entire gaming community and now it's finally here. In our first, community "reader reviews" feature, Got Next is looking to find out what you think of the game to share the word with the world; perfect for those who may be, well, slow to getting around to picking it up themselves. (What's the matter with you?!?)

Obviously we know many of you, even now, are playing the game. That's why we're looking for brief impressions of your recent experiences.

What deeds have you created? Is your childhood leading to an adult life of prosperity or anguish? Do you spend time wooing the women or are you obsessed with being a war-mongering fighter? Perhaps you're trying to do a bit of everything. Either way, we're looking for a few players to share some of their experiences so far. To get involved, simply submit an email to with the subject header "Fable impressions". Submissions can range anywhere from 500 words to...well, as much as you wish to discuss. All submissions should be sent in by Wednesday, September 22. Please include either your real name or your online handle so that we can properly acknowledge you when the article goes live on Friday, September 24.

We look foward to hearing your thoughts. Now, get back to playing!

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