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Mysterious hole on the Nintendo DS
Looks like the DS has the ability to do more than what's been revealed.

by | August 23, 2004

Nintendo Dream Magazine revealed that the Nintendo DS hardware still has some secrets up its sleeve. Although it is quite obvious, located on the bottom-right side of the handheld is a square hole for which Nintendo has not given any explanation. Nintendo spokesman Mitsuaki Hagishima says, "There’s a little secret to this [hole], it looks as though you can plug something in there, but the stylus pen is going to be connected to the back [of the handheld], so...we’ll reveal more in the future."

Hagiwara also commented that Nintendo is considering releasing different color variations on the Nintendo DS at launch. Go figure.

"There’s nothing specific decided about the coloring [of the DS], except that it will be two-toned," says Hagiwara. "We released three color variations when the GBA launched. We’re still thinking about what colors variations of the DS to release, but while taking into consideration the production efficiency, we’re thinking of releasing colors that are popular throughout the world, since it will be launched worldwide [at about the same time]."

Expect to hear more around the end of September.

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