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New Advent Rising Website Re-Launches presents a brand new look and a wealth of valuable information and media.

by | August 25, 2004

So much is going to be released this year that we almost forgot to mention that has relaunched its website sporting a brand new look and tons of exciting, new and informative content.

Visitors can find the following:

  • 20 Questions with Donald Mustard - Advent Rising's lead designer/director tackles a wide range of questions
  • MP3's of Demo Music - from composer Tommy Tallarico, download and sample some of the early demos that will become the soundtrack for Advent Rising
  • Cool New Wallpapers - dress up your desktops with Gideon and the Seekers
  • Brand new FAQ - answers to fan questions and more
  • New Character - check out the 'Seeker Scanner' in the Characters Section
  • Advent Avatars - for all our dedicated message board posters, avatars for a wide range of characters
  • Screenshots - a couple of new ones for you
  • Fansite Materials - an updated packet of images and logos to create your own Advent site with.

On a relaed note, developer GlyphX Games is continuing to work on their vision of Advent Rising, the first in a epic trilogy of action/adventure games powered by the Unreal Warfare engine.

Advent Rising is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious looking games to look foward to in 2005; it might even be declared Game of the Year. Either way, we'll be keeping a very close eye on its continued developments as they unfold.

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