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TAIKO: Drum Master Song List revealed
March to the beat of a different drummer.

by | August 25, 2004

Namco revealed its official song list for TAIKO: Drum Master, a challenging musical action game that challenges players to show of their rhythmic skills. This should be a great title for the holiday season, especially if you're the type who gets easily embarassed by standing up in front of your friends and family playing Dance Dance Revolution or Eye Toy: Groove.

Developed by Namco Japan, TAIKO: Drum Master will offer 31 songs, including some of today's well-known hits and yesterday's favorites. And in an unexpected twists, the game will even incorporate a variety of orchestral classics including original music derived from Namco's video game library. Players earn points to clear each stage of the game by tapping along with song rhythms on the surface and edge of the Taiko Controller. You can either choose to go solo or compete against a friend in some two-player, head-to-head action.

Here's a list of the following songs featured:

  • Licensed Rock/Pop: ABC; American Girls; Are You Gonna Be My Girl; Bowling for Soup - Jimmy Neutron Theme; Girls & Boys; I’m A Believer; Killer Queen; Lady Marmalade; Love Shack; Material Girl; My Sharona; Rock the Dragon (Dragonball Z Theme); Slide; That’s The Way (I Like It); The Impression That I Get; Toxic; Tubthumping; Walking On Sunshine
  • Classical: Beethoven's Symphony No. 5; Carmen Prelude; Foster's Medley; Hungarian Dances No. 5; Symphony No. 25 in G Minor; William Tell Overture
  • Namco Original: Don Rangers; Dragon Spirit; Katamari on the Rocks; Ridge Racer; Soul Calibur II Brave Sword, Braver Soul; Taiko March; The Genji and the Heike Clans

Namco could have a hit on their hands for the holiday season, competing against Nintendo's forthcoming music game starring everyone's loveable ape, Donkey Kong. Look forward to an upcoming hands-on report when the game ships later this year.

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