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Update: New Ace Combat 5 details
Namco reveals some minor tidbits. Find out more inside.

by | September 13, 2004

Namco has revealed a few new arcade mode details from the upcoming aerial combat sequel, Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. In essence, the latest report conveys players can look forward to a variety of action-packed stages that will test players reflexes to the fullest. For example, certain levels require players to gun down enemy forces before the clock reaches zero (each level runs approximately for four minutes). Additional time will be rewarded for each enemy plane shot down. Further, destroying certain enemies will net the player special weapons and additional missiles.

Arcade Mode gives players on-board access to an arsenal of weapons including missiles, special weapons and a machine gun loaded with unlimited ammunition. For added strategy, the various enemy aircraft assume different behavior patterns to challenge the player’s aerial combat skills.

With each new update, we’re eagerly awaiting Ace Combat 5’s arrival. Look forward to our full-hands on report when the game arrives this Fall.

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