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Ace Combat 5 Fast Fact #3: Radio Chatter
Get a glimpse of some of the dialogue in the game.

by | September 14, 2004

Namco has released its next edition in its Ace Combat 5 Fast Fact campaign. To give us an idea of the interaction between your wingmen and other characters around them, this week's Fast Fact focuses on "Radio Chater". Over 14 hours of dialogue was recorded for Ace Combat 5 -- nearly eight times the amount recorded for Ace Combat 4. In addition, Namco notes that players will encounter Yes/No questions about their interaction with their wingmen and other characters around them. Occassionally, the player’s Yes/No responses will affect certain outcomes in the progression of the story and upcoming missions.

Have a look...

Wilco: Will comply with command

Bingo: Out of fuel

Nugget: Rookie

Bogey/Bandit: A "bogey" is an unidentified aircraft that is potentially hostile. Once the aircraft is positively identified as hostile, it becomes a "bandit."

Pickle: To drop a bomb or external fuel tank

Shack on the target: Bulls-eye; your weapon has hit the target

Fox Two: Firing a heat-seeking missile

We'll be back with another fast fact next week.

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