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Mobile version of Xyanide announced
Shmup action on the go.

by | September 16, 2004

Overloaded announced today that it will be bringing its 3D space shooter Xyanide, currently in development for Xbox, to the mobile phone community. The mobile version will running of Overloaded’s N-Gine3D technology, offering players an exciting, real-time experience full of 3D landscapes and impressive visuals.

The game will feature two huge levels, presented in full textures and "Lit 3D", just like its console counterpart. Overloaded also notes that the game notes Xyanide will showcase one of the fastest 3D engines ever, capable of running up to 64FPS (the average through the game is 25FPS).

Xyanide will be made available as an downloadable game (install size is 290K) that can be played at anytime, anywhere. Overloaded has also announced a Game Boy Advance version is in the works.

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