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Tork back on schedule for a Janurary '05 release
And it's all thanks to Ubisoft. First screens and details inside.

by | September 21, 2004

In an unexpected announcement that officially confirms the whereabouts of Tork since his brief E3 debut, today Ubisoft announced plans to bring the action-adventure game to Xbox next year.

Tork is based on a cave boy of the same name graced empowered with the ability to travel through time and turn into other creatures including a bulldozing yeti and an armor-plated armadillo. (Say what?) Further, the game will feature 13 levels spanning the prehistoric and medieval era, and ultimately, the future inhabited by machines. Like most adventure games, Tork can utilize a variety of moves, pick up power-ups and learn new tricks along the way. Based on most of the fact sheet highlights, Tork is primarily targeting the younger audience, but offers an abundant amount of diversity and challenge that should appeal to older players who are still a kid at heart. It's great to see some fresh new blood entering the market once again and we can't wait for some hands-on time with the game. For now, check out the screens below and stay tuned for additional updates as they become available.


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