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New Ghost Recon 2 video
See how the Xbox and PS2 versions will differ.

by | September 22, 2004

Ubisoft has just released a video detailing the differences between the upcoming PS2 & Xbox versions of Ghost Recon 2. Turns out that they will be completely different games. The PS2 version is set in 2007 as a prequel to the Xbox one set in 2011. The games are being developed by separate studios and this will mark the first Ghost Recon game built from the ground up for the PS2.

In the video Red Storm Entertainment's Richard Dansky (the brains behind the storyline and content of Ghost Recon 2 and many other Clancy titles) goes over exactly what is different between the two games. We'll bring you any new info as it become available.

Download: Ghost Recon 2 video (22.0MB)

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