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Iron Phoenix to incorporate Xbox Live 3.0
Now we just need to wait to form our deadly clan.

by | September 23, 2004

Iron Phoenix, the upcoming 16-player online fighting game will incorporate Xbox Live 3.0 when it’s released next year, announced today by Sammy Studios. Utilizing the new online components will allow players to create clans and host tournaments.

Iron Phoenix made its debut at this year’s E3, giving attendees a brief taste of the forthcoming 16-player experience battling in massive indoor and outdoor arenas. Unlike conventional fighting games, Iron Phoenix offers a unique fighting system where the characters’ moves and abilities are determined by the extensive arsenal of weapons. The game incorporates its respective fighting styles from a variety of weapon and hand-based martial arts ranging from Kung-Fu to popular films of the genre. So yes, you can expect to see some over-the-top superhuman techniques similar to the wire-fu as seen in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero.

"Gamers should be ready for unprecedented single and multiplayer experiences with Iron Phoenix, a game that combines two very popular genres to introduce an entirely new form of game play," said Tim Pivnicny, senior VP of sales and marketing, Sammy Studios, Inc.

More information on Iron Phoenix including art, screenshots and video can be found at the game’s dedicated website and at Sammy’s official community section.

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