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New Rainbow Six: Black Arrow Maps Announced
Several new maps are coming your way, but be ready to pay the price.

by | October 7, 2004

Ubisoft was generous to offer a heads-up for avid Rainbox Six: Black Arrow fans that five new maps will soon be available to download via Xbox Live. Since its release, Black Arrow has swiftly shot to the top of the charts and has continued to hold that position despite heavy competition from other blockbuster releases. And if you’ve happened to take a break from the game, now there’s a reason to come on back and hook up with your friends to save the world.

Players can currently pick up the “Village” map free of charge, which will be followed by a four-map premium packaged dubbed as the Assault Pack. Like other premium packs offered by other companies, gamers will only have to pay $5.00 to receive the new content. Avid players looking to enjoy all the new exclusive content won’t want to pass up this up. Stay tuned for the release of the Assault Pack in the next several weeks.

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