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  Release Date:
  3rd Qtr.
  Red Storm
  First-Person Shooter
  Rating Pending


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Ghost Recon 2

You might think you're a hot shot now after braving the jungles, islands and war-torn cities of Ghost Recon, but nothing can prepare you for the next chapter in the series -- Ghost Recon 2. Veterans can expect a much bigger and challenging game from developer Red Storm that's literally pulling all the stops to deliver a dynamic, visceral experience.

Ghost Recon 2 takes place deep within the country of North Korea, devastated by years of famine and neglect. As the government has funneled billions into military spending, the country's infrastructure and agricultural base have collapsed. Faced with an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe, the North Korean government is pressured to open up to outside assistance, and to curb military spending.

The North Korean military reacts violently to this new policy, seeing their power peddled away by bureaucrats. They unite behind the charismatic General Jung, who announces that the "traitors and capitalists" have no right to barter away "the birthright of the North Korean people." Jung's forces quickly wipe out other splinter factions of the military and mobilize North Korea's vast army of reserves. Before long, Jung is the supreme authority in North Korea.

Confronted with Jung's control over North Korea's nuclear arsenal, and fearful that this rogue military leader will embroil his neighbors in a larger conflict, the regional powers demand that something be done.

While they remain carefully neutral, other nations - the US, France, Britain, Germany and more - send an expeditionary force. Its mission is simple: to devastate General Jung's war machine before his ambition embroils the entire region - and maybe the world - in a nuclear war.

You'll assume control of a brand new team of special forces that will interact and fight alongside you, each with his or own look, personality and specialization. As the Ghost leader, players can opt to control the unit via voice commands or take advantage of the new, user-friendly interface. Personally I expect to start out with the new "Commands for Dummies" option, especially since I still have yet to get a firm grasp of all the available options from the original installment.

Compared to its predecessors, Ghost Recon 2 is a lot more action-oriented, featuring a new over-the-shoulder perspective. Ubisoft expects players will appreciate this new camera view which will allow them to see their characters issue hands signals, exchange weapons and ultimately heighten their situation awareness - thanks to a small radar display to help aid you in silently trapping enemies.

To help create a immersive experience, Red Storm has incorporated real-life East Asian environments rendered in stunning detail. In addition, a variety of graphic elements will enhance the game's atmosphere including dynamic lighting, multi-texturing and ragdoll physics. Ghost Recon 2 will also benefit from a new Havok physics that will make all those destructible objects and realistic effects for moving vehicles ultimately look spectacular.

Fans and newcomers to the series can look forward to a variety of multiplayer and online modes -- which is bound to get players to temporarily detach themselves away from such games as Rainbow Six: Black Arrow and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

Based on the available details presented so far, Ghost Recon 2 shows every indication that the developers are making every effort to create a remarkable first-person shooter game. And given Red Storm's track record, we're convinced that it will impress fans and newcomers alike.

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