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  Release Date:
  August 27, 2003
  FASA Studio
  1 - 4
  1 - 16 (online multiplayer)

  Flight Action


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Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO
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". . .will they go for the down-and-dirty, quick strike?"

Overall, CVS2: EO is very enjoyable to play. In fact, it's downright addictive. Veterans of the X-Band era can definitely relate to playing for endless hours - simply because they can't get enough. It may seem somewhat picky, but I am really disappointed with the online interface. It's extremely dull and sterile. Thankfully, this can be overlooked due to the relative ease of setting up matches. Selecting Quick Match for example will put you against any available player(s) which are online. This is recommended for those who don't want to bother with the more advanced match modes - Opti-Match and Create Match. Selecting Opti-Match requires specific settings according to your preference based upon location, voice chat, or game mode (console, arcade, EO).

During peak hours, (which usually ranges from the mid-afternoon to the late evening) will produce a lot of results. However, during off-peak hours (midnight and beyond), you'll likely find one or two players. During these times, it's best to configure your settings to "No Preference". There are three modes in total (Console, Arcade, and EO). Personally, I try out all the modes, especially EO and Console Mode, which will allow you to select any color edits that you've produced in the Color Edit Mode. Create Match is also ideal if want to flag your availability to other players, which also allows you to configure the game rules. Oh, and we can't forget the Friends List to add well, your friends for one, along with new competitors you meet on a daily basis. These are typical Xbox Live features, though it's nothing extravagant to get you psyched to play, sadly. The entire foundation would have been so much more of a jolt to me if there was some added flair, but all you get is this generic looking box and a dull font accompanied by the redundant character match-up theme. Bleh. . .

CVS2 doesn't offer many new features besides online play and EO Mode. However for those occasions when you're looking to hone your skills, take a stop to the training mode and you'll be in for quite a treat. There you'll find a collection of classic and modern Street Fighter and King of Fighter tunes for your enjoyment. It's a small nostalgic perk, but why couldn't this be extended into the other game modes? I can only take but so much of "This is true love makin' !"
"Are you ready to get it on?!?"

The bottom line for any fighting game enthusiast is to get this game and to get it soon. Granted, it's not quite like the arcade experience you may be accustomed to, but where else can you engage a diverse range of players on a worldwide scope? CVS2: EO has a few minor faults such as an inexplicable sound glitch caused by executing what is known as a Finest K.O., disrupting the background music entirely. Compared to other platforms, there are greater load times (both in offline and online play) in-between matches. Plus, the lag has been a significant deterrent to most first-timers, compelling some to go as far as refunding the game. To me that's extreme and I can only say to those who've been heavily considering entering the foray to keep an open mind.

We've come a long way since the first online console network and the end result is quite impressive. Thus far, the level of success and intrigue is very positive. Many are hopeful that online versions of other classic fighters like Super SF2 Turbo or Vampire Savior will soon be added to the mix. That of course is a decision which will be decided among Capcom and Microsoft, and the success of this game could determine any possibilities. Until then, this is as good as it's going to get and the competition is booming. Get on there and engage them - this battle is about to explode. Fight!

Article originally published on The Next Level


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