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10:25:04: Licensed games usually suck, especially when they're just Sonic clones with no personality. Want an example? Read our review of Chester Cheetah 2: Wild, Wild Quest!

10:23:04: Our library of classic commercials keeps growing! Adam King as generously donated another great ad featuring Sonic the Hedgehog. See it in our commercial archive.

I've also given the Features page a new look. It's not the best but I think it looks better than before.

10:21:04: Just in time to celebrate Halloween, Sega-16 takes a look at ten games to play for the holiday. Ten Games for Halloween examines some horror and scare-themed games for the system, ranging from the gory to the horrifically-executed.

Many puzzle games were released on the Genesis but some stayed behind in Japan. MegaPanel was one such title. Want to know why? Read our review!

In other news, Sega-16 would like to congratulate the winners of our contest! Your prizes are on their way so enjoy!

10:17:04: Halloween is a great time for gaming! Sega-16 will be examining some holiday-themed games over the next few months, beginning with October. Look for an article in the coming days about the games for Halloween.

To get yourself in the mood, why not read our review of Splatterhouse 3?

We also have an awesome new Castle of Illusion commercial up, courtesy of Adam King!

10:16:04: Chakan the Forever Man is a Genesis favorite. The series was all set to come back on the Dreamcast but then disappeared forever. What happened? Read our latest edition of "Forgotten Franchises" and see!



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